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Las Cruces. Struggling Full time student, part time drifter. One Piece above all, comedy, podcast and some other cool shit too. INFJ.  If we mutual follow feel free to add to KIK, xbox, and Skype (ArtieFissio.) *Twiter**Muh Nudes*

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Heaven?  (source)

EZLN youth…
Chiapas, Mexico


What I’m gunna have for breakfast tomorrow before the gym. I’m gunna live to a 100.

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UNITED KINGDOM, Edinburgh : Piper Ryan Randall leads a pro-Scottish independence rally in the suburbs of Edinburgh on September 18, 2014, during Scotland’s independence referendum. Scotland is voting on Thursday in an independence referendum that could break up the centuries-old United Kingdom and create Europe’s newest state since the collapse of Yugoslavia.AFP PHOTO/LESLEY MARTIN

Mexican band @CafeTacvba return to El Paso October 27th, celebrating their 25th Anniversary!


without you
feels so new.
Different views,
different states,
I wish I had stayed
to see you read
all my signs
and make time
when we’re both free.
Lust is hard
because you are busy
and I’m far away.
This round is not the same,
I miss all your favorite things.
I feel low but I know
you are worth the wait.
I’m tired all the time,
my sleep is missed on you.
Whenever I get back
I’ll stay awake for you.
If it’s not too late,
we should go around chasing
the light that is keeping me
up with these feelings.
I’d like to court you,
beneath the moon,
it sways too.
It’s hard to get through
these weeks when I miss you.
I like the theme
of you and me,
swaying slowly.
Let’s make time
where we will be
in each others reach
swaying slowly.

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